In-House Dental Care Benefits: The Fulcare Dental Membership Plan

Woman Looking In The MirrorOur dental team firmly believes that all individuals deserve financially convenient and affordable access to high-quality dental treatment. In addition to the array of traditional payment methods we accept here at Fulbright Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry, we have developed an in-house program that offers patients who do not currently have dental insurance, as well as those who do have insurance but would simply like to utilize an alternative, a vast selection of benefits and savings opportunities. For a low activation fee and a monthly membership fee, the Fulcare Dental Plan can help both adults and children obtain a number of preventive dental care services at a significant discount. Plus, the Fulcare Dental Plan offers a cost reduction of up to 15% on all elective treatment options, including state-of-the-art cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. 

There are three Fulcare Dental Plan options to choose from: the Healthy Child Plan; the Healthy Adult Plan; and the Adult Perio Gum Care Plan. Each plan includes a selection of standard diagnostic options and preventive treatments, including oral exams, x-rays, cleanings, and more. The Fulcare Dental Plan is designed to help our patients save on numerous treatments that can improve dental and periodontal health, repair and restore damaged teeth before the problem gets worse, and enhance the appearance of their smiles. 

With the Fulcare Dental Plan, our patients have yet another option to make paying for necessary dental care as easy and convenient as possible. If you would like to learn more about the Fulcare Dental Plan, please click here for details, or contact our practice with any questions you may have!