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"Incredible service from the whole staff. They go to great lengths to make sure you are comfortable and feel confident about the process. They make me feel spoiled going to the dentist which is quite a feat! Thanks again."

January 2023

You Talk, We Listen

Proactive dental care for your complete oral health


Health Partners

We get to know you—not just your teeth—so we can give you the best dental experience you’ve ever had.


Proactive Care

Don’t wait til it hurts—we stop developing problems before they start to hurt your mouth or your health.

Digital Dentistry

State-of-the-art treatment protocols mean we can give you predictable and positive outcomes.

"I love this office, the doctors are great. I love my hygienist and dental assistant and the staff is amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good dentist."

December 2022

Comprehensive, Complete Health Dentistry for Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach

couple smiling after getting a great dental treatment

We work hard to listen to your desires, provide education and guidance, and align your treatments to achieve whole-body health. Here’s how:

Preventative Action

Rather than wait until it hurts, we take proactive steps to protect your oral health. Let’s keep your teeth, mouth, and whole body in top form.

Comprehensive Approach

Your oral health is a gateway to your whole-body health. We look beyond gums and roots to support the longevity of your heart and brain.

Continuity of Care

Our team trains constantly and uses the best technology so you can receive all your care, especially complex cases, inside the Fulbright offices at Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach.

Fulbright Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry has all of your oral health needs covered.

General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants

Sleep Apnea

"Both the Manhattan and Redondo offices are professional, friendly, and make my appointments as stress free as possible."

October 2022

How are we different?


Teeth are just teeth, and any dentist you go to will give you the same care, right? Absolutely not. In modern dentistry, there are those who wait for problems to surface and those who proactively support your oral and overall health.

At Fulbright Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry, with locations in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, we leverage the latest technologies and dental procedures so you get the best possible results and cutting-edge preventative dental care.

Need something fixed? We will explore a variety of treatment options and leverage our expertise to help find the solution that will deliver the best long-term results. As your partner in health, we’re committed to attentively listening, answering your questions, and customizing each treatment plan to your specific needs.

Dr. Kirstin Hellmeyer and Dr. Michael Fulbright - Fulbright Dentistry dental care providers happy and kind

"Highly recommend this office for anyone that is looking for a dental office with the latest knowledge and technology and great staff. I would highly recommend this office if you are looking for expert knowledge and the latest technology in the field of dentistry and an overall comforting, pleasant experience that most dental offices do not provide."

January 2023

"If you want a top notch dental team then this is the place. Nothing better than getting your permanent crown same day thanks to their technology!"

January 2023

"I had a fantastic experience today at Fulbright dental. The service was fantastic. Dr. Fulbright, Chevy, and Anita provided great service. Thank you again."

January 2023

“I wish I could offer a suggestion to improve but you have already exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the pretty smiles and friendly faces.”


"You are one of the best dentist I have been to, and your staff is amazing. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me, and helping me keep healthy teeth and a healthy smile. I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Perhaps I’ll see you around the village. Again, thank you for all your help."


"Thank you so much! I am so happy I found you guys. I will refer everyone I meet, and it’s not just for the referral bonus, it is because everyone in your office is truly amazing."


"Honestly I had a most excellent experience at both my visits. Everyone in the office was professional and friendly. I really like the layout and decor of the office, it’s clean and comfortable. many thanks for making my visit so easy."


“Michael has provided dental care for me and most of my family for the past 4 years. His friendly, caring manner immediately puts you at ease and his incredible staff are just icing on the cake!”


“Very helpful office staff, extremely pleasant. Dental staff–the best! Makes going to the dentist something to look forward to instead of dreading”.


"Margie is the best! Just seeing her calms me down. If someone would have told me three years ago that would someday be able to go to the dentist without taking 2 valium plus gas and still be scared to death, I never would have believed them. Sue is great too! So kind, gentle and the best hygienist I’ve ever had. Dr. Fulbright stopped by for a friendly chat as always too. Best dentist office & staff ever!"


"I have never, ever been to a dentist appointment and not have any pain! Plus I wasn’t a nervous wreck!! I’m amazed beyond belief. If I’d always had dental appointments like the one I had last week, I probably never would have developed the fear of dentists that I have. If I had more $, I’d get all the work that I need done. Please thank Dr. Fulbright for me. And a big thank you for always being so kind, patient, and helpful. You had a big part in my decision to go through with the dental work. You have such a reassuring and calming demeanor. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to schedule the appointment. I hope Dr. Fulbright knows what a great asset you are. Thanks bunches!"


"Thanks for helping me have a nice smile for the party!"


"Unhappy with my previous dentists, I received a recommendation for Dr. Fulbright's group. They provided excellent care, addressing my ongoing dental issues and discomfort. Dr. Fulbright offered various treatment options without pressuring me towards the most expensive one. He guided me through each step and now I have a beautiful, comfortable smile. Highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Fulbright and his exceptional staff."


"Five stars for Sue! She is professional, personable and a positive wealth of information about my dental care! Great job guys!"