Patient Thrilled to Regain Smile She Once Had

Recently, Cheryl – a local resident of Redondo Beach – came into our practice seeking to regain the smile she once had years ago. According to Cheryl, her teeth had gradually changed over time as she suffered from perpetual tooth grinding while she slept at night.

To restore her smile back to its youthful form, Dr. Fulbright secured six porcelain veneers to her upper row of teeth. Each veneer was customized to match the exact size and color of her surrounding teeth so as to achieve the most natural-looking results. Additionally, he custom-designed a night guard to fit comfortably and securely over teeth in order to help prevent them from grinding against one another throughout the night.

Having had the chance to enjoy the results of her treatment for several weeks now, Cheryl proudly proclaims, “I can smile with confidence again,” and from what we’ve noticed, she does so quite frequently.

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