Featured Patient Story John

Our latest featured cosmetic dentistry patient is John from Manhattan Beach. John’s chief complaint was that his teeth were looking aged and they weren’t white enough. He wasn’t happy with the wear that he was noticing on the edges of his teeth. It was difficult to get his teeth white enough with traditional whitening techniques due to tetracycline staining. He wanted a fuller, brighter smile that made him look more age specific or even younger. He also wanted longer teeth to give back what he lost from grinding and producing a more youthful appearance.

John came to our office and met with Dr. Fulbright to formulate a plan to achieve his perfect smile. After a full examination and evaluation Dr. Fulbright formulated a treatment plan and began the process of transforming John’s smile. The first step was oral hygiene treatment to attain optimal oral health using the Ivoclar Soft Tissue Laser. The second step was Zoom teeth whitening to achieve the desired shade. Third, Dr. Fulbright removed old amalgam fillings and replaced them with all porcelain restorations. The restorations were created in-office using CEREC CAD/CAM technology. The CEREC CAD/CAM unit allows Dr. Fulbright to design and mill restorations the same day without any impressions, temporaries or second visit as with most crowns. Dr. Fulbright then placed 8 upper custom porcelain veneers to create the John’s ideal smile. The final step in John’s treatment the instruction for using his new Nightguard designed to prevent grinding during sleep.

Dr. Fulbright says “It is always special to see the look on a patients face after we finish a smile makeover”

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