Dr. Fulbright Speaks Out About Perio Protect Gum Treatment

Over the years, Dr. Fulbright has solidified his reputation as one of the most proficient and compassionate cosmetic dentists serving the South Bay community. Driven by his dedication to remaining at the forefront of the dental field, he continually invests in state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge techniques, and streamlined systems within his practice, maintaining his competitive edge.

Dr. Fulbright recently published an article in Dental Product Shopper Magazine on Perio Protect– a non-invasive, at-home treatment that our offices in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach often prescribe to help protect and maintain our patients’ gum health. We are proud that through this article, the wonderful work Dr. Fulbright has accomplished in his patients’ lives can  be used to help others find their way to oral and whole-body health.

Dr. Fulbright Dishes on Periodontal Care

In his article, Dr. Fulbright discussed the effectiveness of the Perio Protect treatment method in managing periodontal health. Based on his 23 years of periodontal experience, Dr. Fulbright praised Perio Protect for its ease of use and effectiveness for both patients and clinicians. 

Perio Protect: What it Is and How it Works

The innovative Perio Protect approach goes deep into periodontal pockets, areas often beyond the reach of traditional oral care methods like flossing, brushing, and mouth rinses. The Perio Protect Method employs a special Perio Tray medicament carrier designed to deliver a low-dose of hydrogen peroxide precisely where it’s needed. It’s well-established that there’s a direct connection between oral health and overall well-being, and our gums serve as a gateway to vital organs. Perio Protect therapy offers a comprehensive antimicrobial solution that eliminates harmful bacteria and infuses oxygen deep into periodontal pockets, allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive.

perior protect trays on a metal tray on table

How Perio Protect Changes Lives

Dr. Fulbright presented a case study of an 87-year-old patient with advanced gum disease and various underlying health issues. The patient underwent a customized treatment plan, which included:

  • wearing Perio Trays at home twice daily
  • in-office laser bacterial reduction
  • good oral hygiene practices: brushing, flossing, and water flossing 

The results after just 7 months were remarkable, with a significant reduction in bleeding and a decrease in high-risk pathogens. Dr. Fulbright especially appreciated the non-surgical and non-invasive nature of Perio Protect and its positive impact on overall health.

Proven Results for Whole-Body Health

All in all, Dr. Fulbright was extremely impressed with the effectiveness of Perio Protect treatment in improving periodontal health and overall well-being for his patients, particularly those with advanced gum disease and related health conditions. He is proud to offer this treatment to his patients and is thrilled to see their health improve.

It Can Work For You, Too

Interested in what cutting edge, non-invasive treatments like Perio Protect could do for your oral hygiene? Or are you fascinated by the idea of partnering with an industry-leading dentist to improve and protect your oral and overall health?

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