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I had not been very happy with the dentists I had been seeing over the past several years. A co-worker who was very satisfied and happy with service and care from her dentist highly recommended Dr. Fulbright’s group.

I have had dental problems since I was eighteen and had this and that done, but nothing solved the whole problem.

As I got older, I was aware that it was impacting my life. I didn’t smile much, wasn’t as outgoing as I could be, and my gums always ached. My front teeth were capped and you could begin to see a purple hue around my swollen gums. Since I was eighteen, I had no upper back teeth and had been wearing a partial flipper that had a metal roof. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable that was!

I knew I needed sound advice for such an investment, so I had to make the right decision.

I started going to Dr. Fulbright’s office for dental hygiene. First good impression was that the hygienist was regularly on time. We all love when our time is valued. The staff and doctors were very friendly and caring.

After experiencing consistent, great care at the office, I decided to consult with Dr. Fulbright on my major dental problems. He offered a spectrum of options from very expensive to least expensive. I had to respect that the most expensive was not pushed on me. Dr. Fulbright explained each step as we went along and was always available for questions. I truly felt that he cared and I was not just another patient.

I now have a beautiful smile. I regularly receive compliments on my smile. Most importantly, I am comfortable! No metal roof and no wire around my front teeth to hold my “flipper” in my mouth.

My recommendation is “run” don’t “walk” to make an appointment. Meet the Doctor and staff – you’ll be very happy you did.