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Another Invisalign® Success Story – Michelle R.

Invisalign® clear teeth aligners are some of the most popular orthodontic treatments available from Dr. Michael Fulbright. Invisalign® helps patients achieve straighter teeth more discreetly and comfortably than they might with traditional metal braces.


On today’s blog, we bring you the story of Michelle R. from Redondo Beach. Michelle found our practice by way of Marcus Medical Spa, Dr. Fulbright’s onsite cosmetic enhancement and skin care facility. This is her Invisalign® story:

Why did you come to see us?

I came to see Dr. Fulbright because I was interested in Invisalign® and teeth whitening.

Why were you unhappy with your smile?

I was unhappy with the movement in my teeth as I have gotten older. I had braces at a young age, but then I didn’t stick to wearing my retainer, so I noticed my teeth gradually shifting, particularly my two front teeth. I was unhappy looking at photos of myself and noticing one tooth was more forward than the other. It really started to bug me! Also, I wanted them whiter and [I wanted] to see what could be done with two teeth that I had bonded about 15 years ago.

What were your goals?

My goals were to straighten them to perfection, get them pearly white, and improve the appearance on the bonded teeth. Dr. Fulbright and his staff are amazing: you feel so well taken care of and informed. They all have a passion for what they do and truly care about making your smile just what you want it to be!

What treatment options were presented to you:

I was presented with Invisalign® & Six Month Smiles®, Zoom!® teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers to replace the bonded teeth.

What treatment did you accept and why?

I accepted Invisalign® as Dr. Fulbright felt I could accomplish the results I wanted in 4-to-5 months. Also, I did Zoom!® whitening and porcelain veneers. Dr. Fulbright educated me on the benefits of the veneers and really explained what result I would get. It was exactly what I wanted so I went for the whole package!

How has this affected your day-to-day life?

My results are awesome! My teeth are perfectly straight, pearly white, and the porcelain veneers are so natural and fit exactly with my teeth and smile. I look in the mirror now and am so happy with my smile. I have received many compliments!

Would you refer us to your family and friends?

Absolutely, yes!

For more information on Invisalign® and other treatments, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fulbright, please contact us today.